Monday, 9 July 2018

Behind the Tymes - Vol 1 - A Fuzzdandy Mix of UK Soft Psych, Post Psych & Popsike from 1969 to 1976


About 10 years ago we made a series of themed mixes for blogs & forums. We called those compilations “Behind the Tymes”. It was a mix of psychedelic tunes that sounded slightly behind the times between 1969 to mid 70’s. Basically artists making psychedelic music in the post-psych period which, ideally would not have been compiled anywhere else previously  (a couple have since appeared on compilations.)
We were initially inspired to make these compilations after hearing J├Ârgen Johansson’s Fading Yellow Volume 5, a flawless compilation of 1970’s soft psychedelic album tracks. So if you love that volume you should understand & hopefully dig Behind The Tymes. We started with UK only artists on volume 1 & eventually made a US based mix with volume 2 & then a worldwide mix with volume 3. We really dug deep to find the tunes but think it was worth the hours spent when we listened back.

A few years later we started a: "Behind The Tymes" twitter page but we now post everything on our: Fuzzdandy Music Account..

Unfortunately a few of the tunes we originally mined are not currently available on Apple Music or Spotify, but we have re-compiled volume 1 with a few extras to make up for whatever is missing from apple music or Spotify’s current library. We will add those missing tracks at a later date.. if they ever appear on either of those hosts.


1)  Galliard - Open up your Mind (from new dawn 1970)
2)  Strawbs - Where is this Dream of My Youth (from s/t 1969)
3)  Cochise – lost hearts (from swallow tails 1971)
4)  Quicksand – empty street empty heart (Home is where I belong 1973)
5)  Stackridge – Percy the penguin (from S/T 1970)
6)  Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor (from nicely out of tune 1970)
7)  Gringo - Emma & Harry (from S/T 1971)
8)  Byzantium – I am a stranger to my life (from S/T 1972)
9)  Pacific drift – grain of sand (from feelin free 1970)
10) Dave cousins – two weeks last summer (from two weeks last summer 1972)
11) Jackson Heights – bebop (from ragamuffins fool 1972)
12) Ironbridge – getting older (from S/T 1973)
13) Clifford T Ward – jigsaw girl (from escalator 1975)
14) The Pretty Things - Peter (from freeway madness 1973)
15) Richmond - Clifftop (from frightened 1973)
16) Alan Hull - Picture a Little Girl (from squire 1975)
17) Camel – spirit of the water (From Moonmadness 1976)
18) Mother nature – where did she go? (From orange days and purple nights 1971 single)
19) Marvin, Welch & Farrar- (From S/T 1971)
20) Trader Horne - here comes the rain (from here comes the rain 1970 single)
21) Music motor (Swinging blue jeans) – where am I going (from happy 1970 single)

Apple Music Listen to Behind The Tymes Volume One on iTunes Here!!

Monday, 25 June 2018

Music From Big Pink Wannabes - We Dug Deep to Find 70's Artists that Sound Like The Band

If you like The Band but you've listened to the albums, you dig them but wish they'd made another album, maybe around 1970 time, then this Compilation should appease you. We've been searching, listening & compiling this mix for about 3 years, it will probably be an ongoing playlist which we add to as we find more, but this makes a terrific Band-esque album as it is. We actually found lots more tracks which were not available on Apple Music so we couldn't add those, but luckily the majority were available.
Uncut made a similar compilation available in 2005 as a free CD, but that was made up mostly of modern artists & no real rarities. We wanted the mix to sound authentic, so we've made sure all of the tracks were recorded in 1969 - early 70's. Some artists clearly want to be The Band, but a few I'm sure actually inspired The Band's sound.

Track Listing & Album Info:
  1. Street people - Bobby Charles (from s/t 1972)
  2. Hoona spoona - Hungry Chuck (from s/t 1972)
  3. Roll em down - Morning (from s/t 1970)
  4. Lay me back - Alvin Lee & Mylon Lefevre (from on the road to freedom 1973)
  5. Yazoo City Jail - Roger Tillison (from Roger Tillison's Album 1970)
  6. Trouble - Little Feat (from sailin' shoes 1972)
  7. The slow one - Brinsley Schwarz (from despite it all 1970)
  8. Humming bird - Leon Russell (from s/t 1970)
  9. I won't go through that again - Goose creek symphony (from welcome to goose creek 1970)
  10. Good morning Mr. Railroad man - Ry Cooder (from boomer's story 1972)
  11. Motorcycle man - John Simon (from John Simon's album 1971)
  12. Malt & barley blues - McGuinness flint (from happy birthday Ruthy baby 1971)
  13. In no resistance - Frankie Miller (from once in a blue moon 1972)
  14. Wallflower - Doug Sahm (from Doug Sahm & his band 1973)
  15. Raid on bush creek in 39 - Goos Creek Symphony (from est 1970 1970)
  16. Fool for a cigarette - Ry Cooder (from paradise & lunch 1970)
  17. Tannenbaum - John Simon (from John Simon's album 1971)

Apple Music Playlist:
Music From Big Pink Wannabes. (A Collection of Tracks by Artists that Sound Like The Band.)

Music From Big Pink Wannabes. (A Collection of Tracks by Artists that Sound Like The Band.)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Tartan Tees in stock...

Just listed our latest tees for the Summer. A green & a red tartan tee. Check the store for more info & pics

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Manfred Mann - "Cubist Town" 1968 Lost Album

A post we did for our mate at the "Bite it Deep" blog:
June 1966 & Manfred Mann drummer, Mike Hugg turns up at I.B.S studios during sessions for Manfred Mann's latest long player "As Is". Another collection of singles, b-sides & fillers with inclusions provided for them from outside sources, a reoccurring concept that Mike Hugg was beginning to grow out of. 
Fast becoming the bands chief songwriter, Hugg was feeling inspired & was in no mood to record just "another LP". Under his arm on this day was the latest Beach Boys effort, Pet Sounds & that record was the new direction that he wanted to angle the Manfred's in now.
The band bought into his vision but, on this occasion Hugg didn't get his way. The group had almost wrapped up the recording of "As Is" and collectively had to concede that this time around they had missed the boat.
The band left with a plan. They would all go away, absorb Pet Sounds & write their very best songs for the next Mann album.

Mike D'Abo came back with "No better, No Worse" while Hugg himself feeling particularly creative penned the bulk of the stronger compositions, "Harry the One Man Band","It's So Easy Falling" & "Too Many People" among them. Lead guitarist Tom McGuinness returned with the psychedelic oddity "There is a Man" & "Cubist Town" a song which Hugg felt fit the new concept & mood so well that he suggested they name the album after it & work to that title.
"Cubist Town" was shaping up nicely & the band began recording at I.B.S studios in early 67. The band arranged the songs in track order & merged & mixed parts together which they felt would fit right. During the sessions manager Gerry Bron received a call from budding film director Peter Collinson. Collinson wanted to meet the band to discuss the possibility of writing material for the soundtrack to a new film he was making called "Up the Junction". Manny & Mike Hugg met with the director & although tempted & flattered by the proposition, couldn't tear themselves away from their latest project. It took Gerry Bron to talk them round & convince them to take up the offer.
Bron also managed to convince the band to submit some of the new songs intended for Cubist Town. So reluctantly "Sing Songs of Love", "Just for Me" & "Floating in a Dream" soon to be renamed "Up the Junction" were all put forward.

Momentum was being lost for the album Hugg was so desperate to make. He then heard that the zombies were following a similar path with their new project Odessey & Oracle. Hugg was gutted to hear this but again, was further inspired & determined to complete "Cubist Town".
With pressure from their label & manager to release something new, the results were never going to be as intended & the band ended up releasing the LP "Mighty Garvey". The new release included some of the new songs intended for Cubist, but also, again included novelty songs & fillers in "Big Betty", "Ha! Ha! Said the Clown", (a cut written by Tony Hazzard & released as a single the previous year) and D'Abo's "Happy Families". 
So "Cubist Town" was never released and instead the band were left with a back catalogue of semi-strong, patchy long players. 
Now though, the original "Cubist Town" has been realised & put together with the early mixes in the intended order & you can now hear what the band wanted you to hear in 1968.

Another story of a lost album that 'would' fascinate me, if only it were true! A bit of a sad hobby of mine. Making albums that 'could' have been. Photoshop-ing new cover art for me iTunes & coming up with a short make believe back story, just to make the lads laugh. When I told Pete at Bite it Deep blog that I'd made Manfred Mann's very own, lost Oddesey & Oracle, he asked if I'd include the album & a back story for his blog. I tried to steer away from the obvious favourites & main singles because it wouldn't be as interesting to make or listen to. That's a separate job for a "Best Of".
You never know, the story may not be too far from what actually happened. Either way, it's nice to imagine it did while listening to "Cubist Town"

joe wiltshire

Friday, 14 November 2014


Just a few of the new xmas jumper designs for xmas 2014. Remember, all designed & made in The UK (England) from quality Italian yarn....

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Our classic psychedelic nativity scene jumpers have been upgraded this year. Last year we designed & made the jumpers in cheap yarn to test the water with them. This year we've made them from quality Italian yarn & as always they were designed & made in England. Please check them out & spread the word : )  Check them in our Ebay store  or on Our Website.

Friday, 14 February 2014


Just listed these fitted beauties on our website & on our Ebay store. 
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