Friday, 13 July 2012

NEW Limited Edition FLARES in....

We have just listed 2 new limited edition corduroy flares in our stores. Same price as usual, same cut as usual. Please check dem oot!  New Limited Edition Flares Here!

The Khaki Cords

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Proper Rap Music.. courtesy of Mr Fox! 1971

Now, we wouldn't ever want to give off the impression that we thought we knew a great deal about Rap music, but I do believe we have found a real rap gem, which once discovered by the masses, will push a lot of the rap artistes already planted firmly in the conscious of "Rap" fans, into the shadows...
Not really of course, but it's an amusing example of somebody rapping (in 1971) without actually knowing that this style would one day spawn a genre all of it's own. A genre, now generally considered as pretty damn cool really.

What's in the pipe Bob?? 

Here's Bob Pegg of 70's folk rock outfit Mr Fox, unwittingly rapping away to his hearts content. Rather than trying to sound like he's from the ghettos of New York or LA, has opted to stick with his prominent, native Nottinghamshire accent. Please do imagine the figure above, stood in the vocal booth, mic in hand tilted towards the ceiling, spitting this one out...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Electric Eden - Unearthing Britains Visionary Music (Rob Young)

Just finished reading the Kindle edition of this captivating book by Rob Young.
Electric Eden tells the historical story of British Folk music, a mystical, magical journey through time introducing us to, apart from the music, some fascinating, eccentrically colourful characters, some deep thinking, troubled souls & primitive ideas & Religion. Taking us along a dirt track out of the City & into the wild, painting a sepia tinted picture in your mind of the British countryside & all that evokes it.
It tells the story from the beginning, a similar tale to the beginnings of the US folk music scene. It took a handful of dedicated, obsessive personalities to unearth the songs of the people, the country folk & the working classes. These people scoured the length & breadth of the country, out to the sticks, collecting songs, poems & folklore tales from the few people that had them handed down to them.
The story then shifts from these dusty narratives to explain how these original unaccompanied songs then became the folk music we know so well from the early 1960s. Music by artists such as Davy Graham, Bert Jansch, The Watersons.
We are then turned onto how the genre developed through that decade & beyond, to incorporate psychedelia, the Occult & the fuse of other musical genres, such as Jazz & US country music & how this in turn inspired the mainstream to contrive some of the classics of our time. Sgt pepper, Piper at the Gates of Dawn et al.

The book gives us in depth write ups of recommended albums, a track by track guide by picking out the instruments used, the conflicts between band members, and the significant lyrics & what they could have meant to it's authors. All presented in a very welcome, finicky fashion.
Author Rob Young. has written for Uncut & The Wire
It tells of the inspiration behind a lot of these albums & of the places where the songs were conceived & recorded. Throwing you right into the Studios & country retreats alongside the artists, or in the case of 1970s band Heron (shown on the cover above) out in the fields & plonked on a log by their makeshift open-air recording studio.
The book is a hefty companion & a recommended read, even for those who don't particularly like some of the artists or albums featured within. The stories are all educational & interesting none the less. Not too sure why the book swings dramatically towards the end to include in depth chapters on Kate Bush, Talk Talk, David Sylvian. You can't help but feel that the author was looking for an excuse to force in a few personal favourite bands of his generation. Despite having little to do with Folk music as we know it & wandering off & away from the general feel of the book, these pages still make for interesting reading.
If you can't afford a Holiday this year, then just stay home & read this. You'll be transported away from work & the stresses of everyday life & into the carefree countryside as often as you like. And all for the price of a book.
Review by fuZZdandy

Available from Amazon

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Hawaiin shirts in....

Just in, our brand new range of limited edition Hawaiian shirts up for grabs. 100% cotton funky late 50's, early 60's inspired print with palm trees, volcanos etc. The sun will be out at some point so grab this now so you're ready to go...
We're doing 2 designs at the minute, one, a red shirt with palms, sea, parrots etc. And one in blue with palms, volcanos etc. The top button is hidden behind the collar with a nice loop button feature, making them pretty unique to this design. Check them out at FuZZdandy  HERE.

Monday, 30 April 2012

New Cardigans in Stock..

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Check out our new cardigans, rather fetching don't ya think. Inspired by late 50's & early 60's designs.. just what you need for a quiet evening in with the slippers or a cosy night out at the local. As usual designed & manafactured in Leicester UK. We have 3 different designs & colours. Check them all out or buy in our knitwear Section:

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Spiders Tees Now in Stock..

We've just listed our newest tee. It's a slim fitting tee with a spiders design print by Run & Fly UK.  All Sizes available & you'll find it cheaper on our website

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mad Men: Pete Campbells Giraffe Wall Art..

The Etsy replica

Max Papart? The piece in Campbells office.

We have always liked the Giraffe wall art shown in Pete Campbell's Manhattan apartment in TV series Mad Men. The original is supposedly by Witco, and a quick Google search will show many similar things but not this particular piece. Anyway, there is a fantastic replica going on Etsy.  It's a great alternative cos you may be searching for the original piece for a long, long time. The piece in Petes office is rather nice too, which is possibly by Papart.

Monday, 23 April 2012

New "Native birds of Britain" Tee

Introducing one of our new fitted soft tees. As usual, designed & manafactured in The UK, featuring the native birds of Britain print on grey 100% cotton. Buy now from our website

The Junipers new album "Paint the Ground"

Review by Mof Gimmers
The greatest band in the whole wide world have got a new album. That’s right, supreme psychedelicists, The Junipers, are following up their ‘Cut Your Key’ LP with the wonderful, enchanting, downright POSITIVE longplayer, ‘Paint The Ground’.

Get that? A totally non-cynical, upbeat LP! How deeply unfashionable to be cheerful in the face of such unrelenting worldwide gloom.
The question is, have The Junipers pulled it off? Have they managed to top their near-perfect debut album?

With a shuffle in the line-up, there’s concern for we, the gasping fanboys, the sound could differ from the Pepperland of their opening gambit. However, within in seconds of LP opener, ‘Look Into My River’, the nagging dissipates into the ether. Fact is, The Junipers haven’t changed. Much.

The perennial sunshine is still there, and once again, they’ve somehow timed their release with a bout of decent weather, meaning that, unequivocally, The Junipers need to be paid by the government to exist and constantly record, ensuring that Britain is constantly in a state of clement weather.Someone. Quick. Make this happen.
Like their first release, ‘Paint The Ground’ is a tapestry of folk, psych, bubblegum, good vibrations and pocket-symphonies. ‘Phoebus Filled The Town’, ‘Song To Selkie’ and ‘Willow And The Water Mill’ are The Junipers doing what they’ve always done best, which is to create joyous, easy indie-pop – pants rolled up, wriggling toes in a stream.
And yes, granted, that sounds more twee than a basket filled of tweed owls, but there’s a more muscular side to The Junipers that stop them from being the latest drippy ukulele enthusiasts destined to provide a soundtrack to a pro-biotic yoghurt. The drugged, coming-up ambiance that emanates through the album guarantees you won’t vomit with sugar-overload.
Elsewhere, surefire single contender, ‘Dandelion Man’ sees the band displaying their cajones more than before, turning the amps up to warm fuzz, not to mention an almost foot-on-the-monitor moment that comes with the guitar solo in ‘In My Reverie’.
Fact is, there aren’t many better, more inventive bands around that The Junipers. They’re bold without over egging it and have an ear for a melody that is obviously indebted to McCartney when he left the Beatles and took up recording in a shed, as well as that glorious slow funk of the Small Faces ‘Autumn Stone’ and Neil Young Harvest-era, without wallowing in self-imposed pity or pointless analysing.

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New Adidas Gazelle..

We like to go shopping for shoes & trainers to take the pics of our jeans with. The latest of these are the Adidas Gazelle indoor, Team Great Britain sneakers. Bloody comfortable pods these.. with the trademark Adidas soft leather & surprisingly toasty warm too. Their very streamline, retro look remind us of a pair of original vintage French trainers we once found in a charity shop. We had to have them.