Friday, 8 June 2012

Proper Rap Music.. courtesy of Mr Fox! 1971

Now, we wouldn't ever want to give off the impression that we thought we knew a great deal about Rap music, but I do believe we have found a real rap gem, which once discovered by the masses, will push a lot of the rap artistes already planted firmly in the conscious of "Rap" fans, into the shadows...
Not really of course, but it's an amusing example of somebody rapping (in 1971) without actually knowing that this style would one day spawn a genre all of it's own. A genre, now generally considered as pretty damn cool really.

What's in the pipe Bob?? 

Here's Bob Pegg of 70's folk rock outfit Mr Fox, unwittingly rapping away to his hearts content. Rather than trying to sound like he's from the ghettos of New York or LA, has opted to stick with his prominent, native Nottinghamshire accent. Please do imagine the figure above, stood in the vocal booth, mic in hand tilted towards the ceiling, spitting this one out...

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